SFX Translated

Translation agency in Liège that works with thousands of freelance translators around the world!

SFX Translated is a translation agency which, despite being based in Liège in Belgium, works with partners from the four corners of the globe to provide you with high-quality translations, as well as proofreading services, subtitling, sworn translations etc. SFX Translated provides you with a finished product at the earliest possible date.

If you need accurate translations of specialist texts, the precise translation of a rare expression or even help to polish an important text to perfection, you can trust SFX Translated!

SFXTranslated guarantees you an accurate and high-quality translation, regardless of the subject matter of the source document.

Translations from and to all languages

Whether in the technical, medical or legal sectors, SFX Translated can provide you with professional translations from and to every language in the world Whether you want to translate a text or a website from French to Dutch, from English to Chinese or from Russian to Spanish for example, SFX Translated will be your ideal translation partner!


Have you had a text translated from German to French or from Dutch to English internally and want to ensure its quality? Have you just written a call for tenders or a financial text and want it reviewed by a specialist? Do you simply need a text proofread? SFX Translated can take care of all that for you!


Do you want to subtitle your new ad or report into one or more languages in order to reach a larger audience? Do you want to translate existing subtitles into other languages? Do you already have subtitles and want to integrate them into your video? SFX Translated can take care of the entire process to provide you with a high-quality finished product!

Sworn translations

Do your documents need to be translated for use in a court or a government department ? Do you want to give a translated legal force ? Do your articles of association need to be translated for your next board meeting? SFX Translated can take care of every step in this process, notably the translation, proofreading, legalisation and send it by post, as soon as possible.

Additional services

SFX Translated also offers some ‘à la carte’ services! Do you have an audio recording and need a transcription of it ? That’s possible! Are you looking for an interpreter ? SFX Translated can provide one! Do you want to rework a text to target a specific market? Our copywriters can help! Anything is possible with SFX Translated!

Don’t wait any longer to benefit from professional work at the best price.