Translation of scientific articles

During your studies, you may need scientific articles translated so you can have a better understanding of them to successfully complete your course. It is also likely you will encounter a scientific article in your professional life and this may be written in a foreign language. Therefore, an excellent translation is required.

Scientific articles: a perfect translation in every language

Our agency located in Liège has a unique global network of translators. Each of our partners has their own specialism. This means that one of our partners will be able to handle your request, regardless of the subject matter of your document for translation and the languages chosen.

Because we want the best for you, our agency, SFX Translated, works with thousands of partners. Therefore, we are certain we have the ideal person to translate your document.

A translation agency for scientific articles and much more

Our agency specialises in translating all types of documents. Whether written, visual or even audio, we perform the translation according to your specifications.

There are various document formats We can easily receive them and perform the desired translation.

Translation agency: comprehensive services for end-to-end management

In addition to translation as we all know it, we also provide proofreading, subtitling, sworn translation and à la carte services.

By sworn translations, we mean all documents relating to the legal, medical or technical sectors which will be used in court or even for a board meeting. We take care of the entire process: translation, proofreading, legalisation and return by post.

Our last service means that we adapt our skills to your needs. Therefore, we offer a fully personalised service. For example, imagine you go to a foreign country for work without knowing the language. You are targeting a specific market and you cannot miss the boat. With the help of an interpreter, you’ll have no language-based problems. Therefore, you can calmly attend your meeting.

Our translation agency: your powerful ally for a bright future

We live in a time when being open to the world is essential. This openness drives us to discover a variety of places, to meet people from cultures as different as they are interesting. That is why translation has never been as important as it is now. It is becoming increasingly difficult to communicate in a single language.

We are your ally for reaching the whole world in a short space of time, in order to offer your customers quality content. You’ll receive your detailed quote within 24 hours and a price adapted to the complexity, deadline and subject matter. Therefore, we offer comprehensive management.

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