Translation of birth certificates

When you decide to move to a new country, it is a good idea to have all of your personal documents translated to avoid any issues. However, it is not always easy to find a translation agency able to provide a quality translation quickly. Our agency, SFX Translated, can translate all your documents into your desired language, in particular, your birth certificate.

A translation agency specialising in sworn documents

Documents intended for use in court, with public administrations or even for a board meeting must be translated perfectly. By calling on the services of SFX Translated, you will get the translation you need.

Our company has a network of thousands of partners around the world. Each of them has their own specialism. This makes all of your translation requests possible, whether in the legal, financial or administrative domains and, in this case, for the translation of birth certificates. Thanks to this specialism and the languages mastered by our partners, we are sure to have a qualified translator within our ranks to perform your translation. Our agency is there for you, whether it is for the translation of a birth certificate from Japanese to Russian or even the proofreading of a text from English to Spanish.

A translation agency specialising in sworn documents and more

We translate all types of documents in a range of formats. This ranges from simple proofreading to a technical translation in the medical or legal domain or the subtitling of an advertising video, as well as à la carte services.

The latter deserves further explanation. We can transcribe an audio file, be your interpreter or even help you target a new market using specific text in the desired language(s). Our company can help, regardless of the subject matter of the document you wish to translate.

Our translation agency takes care of everything

Our agency, which is located in the heart of the Ardent City, responds to all of your requests in a timely manner. We focus speed and accuracy.

You will receive your detailed quote within 24 hours and a price adapted and a price adapted to the translation required. As a result, you will receive a personalised price based on the complexity, subject matter and, of course, the deadline.

Because the current focus is on opening up the world and diversification, it is increasingly difficult to make do without languages. Therefore, having translations that are as accurate as possible is a plus for you and allows you to stand out from your competitors.

Bear in mind that the 21st century is characterised by a constantly growing number of travellers. There are more than a billion travellers each year. So make the most of this demand with texts that have been accurately translated by our agency based in Liège: SFX Translated..

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