Technical and specialist translation with the SFX Translated translation agency in Liège

Technical translation, also known as specialist translation, refers to translations that require specialist linguistic knowledge and excellent knowledge of the domain in question. Technical translations include those related to a science (medical translation, pharmaceutical, chemistry, materials, etc.), to a sector (IT, legal, economics, politics, etc.) or to specific know-how.

Technical translations in Liège with SFX Translated

Differences between technical and specialist translation

As explained above, technical translation mainly refers to the translation of commercial and scientific texts for all branches of industry, production, material sciences, etc.

Although they have many things in common, the main difference between technical translation and specialist translation lies in the fact that technical translation doesn’t include social sciences (such as economics or law). Technical translation is both technical and scientific. It must correspond to the source text perfectly. On the other hand, specialist translation requires consideration of the social, cultural and historical context of the source text.

At the SFX Translated translation agency, which is based in Liège, we can translate your technical AND specialist documents from and into various languages, including French, English, Arabic, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, etc. This list is not exhaustive.

Some of SFX Translated’s specialisms in technical and specialist translations:

Technical translations

  • Translation in the medical field
  • Translation in the energy field
  • Translation in the construction field
  • Translation in the chemistry field
  • Translation in the agriculture field
  • Translation in the industrial field
  • Translation in the IT field
  • etc.

Specialist translations

  • Translation in the legal field
  • Translation in the human sciences field
  • Translation in the economic field
  • Translation in the marketing field
  • Translation in the literary field
  • Translation in the financial sector
  • etc.

Technical and specialist translations carried out by professional translators

Our technical and specialist translation agency uses professional translators with perfect knowledge of the source and target languages. It is essential that one of the two languages is the translator’s mother tongue. The grammar, syntax, idioms and semantics of the two languages must correspond perfectly to ensure the highest quality translations.

Our translation quotes are based on the complexity of the text, the number of words, the language and the deadline.

All translations performed by SFX undergo a thorough proofreading process so that you can be confident your document is accurate and precise.

Don’t wait any longer to benefit from professional work at the best price.